Rental terms

The tenderer is bound by the tender provided that, at the time of the contracting authority's acceptance of the tender.
the Bidder has available inventory to fill the said order.

The rental period is the period between the date of issue and the date of return of the rented equipment.
day of return. The rental period is 24 h, each subsequent day is 10% of the rental price.

The hired inventory must be returned to the Lessor in the same condition as it is in.
issued to the Lessee. The rental price of the table linen and tableware shall include the Lessor's.
by the Rental Firm. In the event of defects in the hired fixtures or if the fixtures do not comply with the requirements of the Rental
agreed in the quotation, the Hirer shall be obliged to inform the Lessor thereof immediately.
the Renter immediately, but no later than the start of the Renter's event. If the Lessor has not
notified in due time, the defect shall be deemed to have occurred during the rental period; and
in the possession of the Hirer.

If cancelled 9-5 calendar days before the event, 25% will be charged.
of the total cost of the order. Cancellation 4-1 calendar days before the event.
50% of the total cost. If cancelled 1 calendar day before the event, or
75% of the total cost of the booking must be paid.

In the event that the defect or deficiency pointed out by the Renter is due to the fault of the Renter, or the Renter.
improper use of the fixtures by the Lessee, the Lessee shall be liable to pay compensation for the loss of the fixtures.
repair or replacement of the Inventory.

In the event of late payment of invoices, the Lessor shall be entitled to charge the Lessee interest on arrears.
0.05% of the outstanding amount per day.

The price of the tents includes the cost of securing them with poles. Renter
must obtain permission to carry out the work (e.g. drilling holes for the stakes). In the absence of
If it is not possible to stake the tents, the price of the weights and their transport will be added to the tender.

The Lessee shall be fully responsible for the preservation of the Inventory from the time of the Lessor's direct delivery.
possession of the Inventory until the return of the Inventory to the Lessor (i.e. for the entire duration of the lease
the Rental Period). In the event of destruction, breakage, loss or theft of the rented fixtures and fittings, the Lessee shall be responsible for
shall be liable to compensate the Lessor.

The tenderer has taken into account in its tender the condition that the transport, installation and.
and dismantling will take place between 08.00 and 23.00. In the event of the installation, removal or
transport is required by the Hirer outside these hours, the Tenderer shall be entitled to charge an additional fee of
for installation, removal and transport in the event that the Hirer has not notified the Lessor prior to the expiry of the time limit.
prior to confirmation of the offer.

The Lessee hereby declares that, pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, and.
as the representative of the company, the right to sign the Lease Contract (confirm the order). In the event that
the person confirming the order does not have the right to do so, he/she shall be liable for the obligations set out in the Rental Contract.
obligations under the Rental Contract.

This Lease Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into between the Parties upon the order of the Lessee.
confirmation by e-mail.

  • The lessor has the right to take photographs of its inventory and decorations and to
    video recordings and use them in any way that they deem appropriate.
  • The hirer shall take into account the weather conditions for the flower arrangements hired in order to.
    the flower arrangements are not damaged.
  • Moving and relocation of rented long-lasting flower arrangements must be done in advance.
    agreed in advance with the Lessor or, with the Lessor's consent, with the person in charge of the place of hire.