Let's create the Christmas spirit.

Christmas spirit guaranteed!

Quality Christmas lights

Christmas lights create a Christmas atmosphere and positive emotions in the dark winter months. IP65 LED Christmas lights are extremely economical and durable in harsh outdoor conditions. A wide range of Christmas lights: LED Christmas lights, light curtains, decorations, artificial lights and more!
Christmas lights for company buildings, private houses and streets

Lighting solutions to beautify areas between buildings, walls and the environment. Also for private houses.



We sell

A variety of LED curtains and LED lighting for private homes, courtyards or corporate buildings. We are an official importer and can offer our customers the best prices!


We transport

We have a fleet of vans of different sizes and we can transport goods and installation equipment to any city in Estonia. Fast and smooth service to the customer!


We install

The trained team has years of experience and techniques for installations. We think ahead even on the most complex projects. Every customer is important to us - whether you are a private home owner or a large company!

We help you find the best solution

Christmas lights can help you stand out in winter and bring light to even the darkest evenings. With a range of lighting solutions to choose from, we can help you find the one that's right for you. When installing our lighting solutions, we take into account that every object is different and unique.