Washing and storage of tents.

With the NG-6000 Havenkrown washing machine, it is possible to wash the covers of modular tents and stages with a width of up to 6m and a length of up to 50m.

The washing cycle consists of pre-washing, brush-washing, and drying, resulting in clean and dry covers.

Washing of tents & covers

  • We wash party tents as well as large modular tables and PVC covers.
  • The price depends on the degree of soiling and the type of tent.

Storage of tents

We offer off-season storage of tents.


telkide pesu, easy up pesu, telgi pesu
telgi pesu, telkide pesu

Now it is possible to wash the walls and roofs of the large modular tents in Funrent

We acquired a machine specifically designed for the washing of large modular tent covers.

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